Mitsubishi’s Pajero thể thao shows there's still a market demand for ebestbuyvn.netmercial-based SUVs – please explain

With impressive active & passive safety credentials, highly-ebestbuyvn.netpetitive pricing, a spacious, seven-seat interior và cushy, fuel-saving on-road behaviour, Mitsubishi’s Pajero sport – particularly in $52,750 (plus on-road costs) top-level Exceed form – lays down a solid challenge in the large SUV segment.

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Mitsubishi Pajero thể thao ExceedRoad Test

It took tập đoàn mitsubishi a little time to bring its Pajero sport to full ebestbuyvn.netpetitiveness in the workhorse-ute-to-SUV segment.

Around seven months after its launch as a five-seater only in December 2015, the Pajero sport was given a third row of curtain airbag-protected seats in July năm 2016 so it could face Ford’s Everest, Holden’s Trailblazer and Toyota’s Fortuner without qualms.

Not that the Pajero thể thao needed much help. From being a strong-selling but significantly ebestbuyvn.netpromised family SUV, the new seven-seat capacity broadened its scope lớn the extent that it nearly doubled the sales of one rival, the Holden Trailblazer/Colorado 7. Recording 6238 sales for 2016, the tập đoàn mitsubishi eclipsed the Holden (3285), Ford Everest (3614) and Toyota Fortuner (3871), but not Isuzu"s MU-X (7018).


The fact that the Pajero thể thao ebestbuyvn.netes at a more affordable starting price ($45,000 plus ORCs for the base five-seat GLX) has helped all of this, but the mitsubishi also deserves credit for proving khổng lồ be a very capable, economical, simultaneously spacious và cosy large SUV.

ebestbuyvn.netbining a minimally-smaller, lighter body toàn thân and the smallest engine in the group with the most satisfactory economy/emissions and the best towing capacity, it’s able to mount a strong argument in its favour.

The 2.4-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel sneaks in just ahead of the lowest-rated Toyota Fortuner in terms of power đầu ra (133kW v 130) but trails the field with just 430Nm – developed at a relatively high 2500rpm – of torque where the Fortuner, Everest and

Trailblazer quote 450Nm at 1600rpm, 470Nm at 1750rpm & 500Nm at 2000rpm respectively.

The reality, though, is that the Pajero thể thao manages pretty well in both power-weight & torque-to-weight ratios, mixing it with the Trailblazer and Fortuner & rating way above the weighty Titanium-spec Everest.


Spec’d up to Exceed level, the Pajero sport – apart from the glaring omission of satellite navigation – lacks very little. With pre on-roads pricing only a couple of hundred dollars or so over the premium Holden Trailblazer LTZ ($52,750 against $52,490), the mitsubishi sits well below the top-rung Everest Titanium ($76,705) và Fortuner Crusade ($61,990).

For this, you get a decent safety roll-out with standard low-speed autonomous emergency braking (AEB), radar cruise control, bird’s-eye-view parking cameras, blind-spot sensor, an “ultrasonic misacceleration mitigation system” which “reduces the chance và severity of hitting obstacles when the driver mistakenly presses the accelerator when stationary or at speeds up to 10km/h” & a seven-airbag ANCAP safety rating.

Add leather-trimmed seats (power-adjusted & heated up front), dual-zone climate control with roof vents for second và third-row passengers, push-button ignition, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, rain-sensor wipers, automatic LED headlights, Android auto and hãng apple CarPlay và there’s little meaningful – apart from sat-nav – that’s missing.


And the Pajero Sport’s paucity of power and torque is further offset by a refined Aisin eight-speed automatic transmission, ebestbuyvn.netplete with effective paddle shifters, that has the ratio spread to lớn fill-in any gaps between gears. It earns credit points over the opposition’s use of six-speed autos.

Living with a Pajero thể thao Exceed for almost two weeks during the summer holidays was the perfect opportunity to experience Mitsubishi’s pride in probably its most familiar environment – toting around a family on a day khổng lồ day basis và factoring in the odd fully-laden holiday jaunt.

Loading up with four passengers & their accoutrements revealed both the Pajero Sport’s carrying capacity & some of its ebestbuyvn.netpromises.

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For one – & the mitsubishi is far from being the only offender here – the space behind the third-row seats in full seven-passenger mode is ludicrously small. There’s decent width, but no depth & practically unusable height, & the hidden, ebestbuyvn.netpartmented under-floor storage area is really only good for trinkets.

As we said that’s not unebestbuyvn.netmon in most seven-seaters, but we also found the folding system frustrating when taking advantage of the 60:40 split-fold centre row to maximise the vacation-bound load space while acebestbuyvn.netmodating our four travellers.

With the centre-row seats mix up for two passengers on the left side, the single, flip-folded right-side seat was unable to provide a flat folding space for the right-side third-row seat – with the result that the folded base jutted up and blocked the full-length pathway to lớn the back of the driver’s seat.


That said, the load area, with both second and third-row seats folded, was flat & fine, while access to lớn the third-row seat, in full passenger mode, was simple and easy. The centre row double-folded forward by simply operating a lever mix into the đứng top of the seatback.

Once ensconced, our four passengers were relatively happy with their chosen lots – although a larger-bodied inboard centre-row passenger might have found reasons to grumble because of the hard cushion & the lack of lateral space. Lượt thích the Triton LCV, the Pajero sport is the least broad-shouldered in its class.

Legroom in the front and second rows was perfectly adequate and the rearmost seat wasn’t bad in this respect either, given the usual proviso it’s really only intended for small passengers, not full-size adults.

The driver is given a generally easily acquainted-with control layout, và going through the motions of connecting with bluetooth không dây is a simple operation. Our only real beef was the eight-speaker sound system that works fine in FM and DAB+ modes but is awfully fluffy when tuned in to AM stations.

Having just stepped out of a five-speed tự động Triton single cab-chassis, the Pajero Sport’s hushed engine & overall cabin silence were almost meditative, & the long-travel, all-coil ride felt sublime.

Eight ratios and liberal sound deadening are transformational in making the Pajero thể thao almost cushy by ebestbuyvn.netparison with its workhorse sibling, while the former also helps mitigate the extra weight. It’s occasionally noticeable that the 2.4-litre engine has its work phối out propelling 2100kg, but when push ebestbuyvn.netes khổng lồ shove it’s always there lớn provide plenty of punch for đô thị traffic or highway overtaking.

And by ebestbuyvn.netparison with its rivals, real-world fuel consumption borders on remarkable. The official claim is 8.0L/100km but we consistently saw better than that, averaging around 7.6L/100km on our fully-laden trip and never edging above 10L/100km during the thử nghiệm period. The small 68-litre fuel tank seems perfectly appropriate for extended highway work – although its usefulness on an off-road grind, or exploiting the impressive 3100kg braked towing capacity, could be questionable.

Ride unique borders on remarkable for what is basically a primitive, live rear axle off-roader. The all-coil mitsubishi ebestbuyvn.netpetently rode some notorious off-the-beaten-track stretches of road, amply gobbling up dips, bumps và undulations that have upset many a mid-size sedan in the past.

As you would expect, the high-riding, narrow-gutted tập đoàn mitsubishi can’t be thrown around lượt thích a BMW X5. However if it’s treated respectfully with carefully chosen lines and well-judged speeds, it can be hustled quite quickly from point to lớn point, only ebestbuyvn.netpromised by the steering which, though quicker than the previous Triton-based Challenger, is still a bit slow with 3.7 turns needed lớn swing from lock to lớn lock.

But as a capacious, tough and fully-equipped SUV that won’t drain your ngân hàng balance in terms of purchase or running costs, the Pajero sport is about as close to the top of the segment as it’s possible to be without being the actual top gun (see our ebestbuyvn.netparison) with its main opposition for details on that.

With five years of warranty and capped-price servicing, looking after it shouldn’t be an issue either – especially with roadside assistance tied to the servicing program.

2017 tập đoàn mitsubishi Pajero sport Exceed pricing và specifications:Price: $52,750 (plus on-road costs)Engine: 2.4-litre four-cylinder turbo-dieselOutput: 133kW/430NmTransmission: Eight-speed automaticFuel: 8.0L/100km (ADR ebestbuyvn.netbined)CO2: 212g/km (ADR ebestbuyvn.netbined)Safety Rating: Five-star ANCAP

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