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9 Funny và Interesting Short Stories For Kids to lớn Read9 Funny và Interesting Short Stories For Kids khổng lồ Read

Stories for kids are a fun way khổng lồ instigate curiosity và imagination in them. However, children bởi vì not find all the stories funny & interesting. In this era of the internet, where there are a lot of activities to lớn do, stories might not be able to lớn catch children’s attention if they are not narrated interestingly. On the contrary, if your narration style is fascinating, even the simplest và silliest stories can make children laugh.

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So, if you are looking for stories, myths, or comics that your children will find funny, this post brings a compilation of them. Read on & enjoy.

9 Funny Stories For Kids to lớn Read

Create an atmosphere that leads to lớn boisterous laughter. Make sure you are calm và adjust your tone lớn make the narration most effective. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing funny stories of all time.

The missing tenth man story for kids to lớn readThe missing tenth man story for kids to read The missing tenth man story for kids lớn read

One day, ten men go on an adventure lớn the Ganges khổng lồ take a dip in the holy Indian river. They hold the hands of each other while taking the dip. But they somehow forget khổng lồ hold hands while coming out of the water.

After coming khổng lồ the shore, one of the senior men asks, “Have we all crossed the river safely?” The remaining men start looking at each other. They are confused.

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Now the senior man asks everyone to lớn lift their hand up lớn take a count. He starts counting và takes a count of each person.

When the count stops at nine, other men start screaming. They even go looking for the missing tenth man. This goes on with each person counting men up lớn nine and missing the tenth man.

A cap vendor, who keeps watching the amusing scene, offers help. The vendor gives a cap khổng lồ each man và asks them to wear it. The men are confused as khổng lồ what is happening. The vendor asks the senior man lớn gather all the caps, including his own & count them all.

Everyone is surprised và happy khổng lồ see ten caps. The silly men credit the vendor khổng lồ have helped them find their missing thành viên and believe it to lớn be magic. The vendor charges a good amount of money for each cap và walks away happily.

But what was the real mystery behind all this? The men forgot to count themselves and hence, the number was always nine.

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