B85M-GAMERCondition: Refurbished (24 HOURS demo OK. Và EQUIPPED WITH I / O SHIELD.)B85 M-ATX gaming board with LANGuard, SupremeFX audio & Gamer"s Guardian components & AI Suite 3

PS/2mouseD-SubUSB 3.0 x 2LAN (RJ45)8-Channel AudioPS/2keyboardHDMIUSB 2.0 x 2
Flawless audio that makes you part of the game!

ASUS B85M-Gamer explodes the myth that dedicated sound cards are always better, with integrated SupremeFX công nghệ that achieves near-lossless audio unique with a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 115dB — meaning you hear every sound detail.

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SupremeFX is an exclusive asus technology that"s designed for one purpose — lớn deliver audio that"s in a class of its own.

Red-line shielding

Horizontally separates SupremeFX audio components from the rest of the motherboard, effectively eliminating interference lớn ensure flawless sound quality

300Ω-headphone amplifier

B85M-Gamer drives some of the very best headphones available — up to 300Ω load impedance. B85M-Gamer assures you great compatibility & more impactful output than standard onboard audio hardware. You demand superb effects & superior surround sound for truly immersive gaming experiences, và B85M-Gamer delivers!

EMI cover

A carefully-engineered protective shield isolates the advanced audio chipset from electromagnetic interference (EMI), preserving the integrity of the audio signals.

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Added khổng lồ the mix lớn deliver a warmer, natural sound to lớn complete the audio experience.


Networking that just goes faster!

The difference between defeat and victory can be measured in milliseconds. That"s why we"ve equipped B85M-Gamer with networking giải pháp công nghệ that puts your frags first!



2X-faster UDP game-data performance

ASUS engineers used IxChariot, an independent network-assessment kiểm tra tool, to determine just how much quicker hãng sản xuất intel Gigabit Ethernet đơn hàng with the UDP data packets that are vital for responsive gaming. The results are in — và with B85M-Gamer your game-data packets flow up to two times (2X) faster!


For the refurbished products, the warranty period provided by the store is 3 months.


Buyers are required to lớn express khổng lồ our designated address (United States Canada EU UK only need to lớn express to our local service center).

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