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Related links. The following resources provide steps for entering data in the End of Year screen: Novopay over of Year 2015 Instructions (PDF, 528KB); Training ...Enter terminations in the end of Year screen or complete NOVO6 forms, depending on the employee type and circumstances. See end of Year Terminations.This reflects what has been entered in the over of Year screen. The column will be blank if the report is generated when the kết thúc of Year screen is closed.If students vày not meet the eligibility criteria that is based on the 6 th grading period, students will not be allowed to participate in the end-of-year extracurricular ...

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at the over of the year or At the over of the period? the kết thúc of the year or The year-end? in the over of the year or at the end of the year? at the over of the year or as of the end of the year? we are in the end of the year or we are at the over of the year? the kết thúc of the year or the kết thúc of year?

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