Deep in my heart - there"s a fire - a burning heartDeep in my heart - there"s desire - for a startI"m dying in emotionIt"s my world in fantasyI"m living in my, living in my dreamsYou"re my heart, you"re my soulI"ll keep it shining everywhere I goYou"re my heart, you"re my soulI"ll be holding you foreverStay with you togetherYour my heart, you"re my soulYeah, I"m feeling that our love will growYou"re my heart, you"re my soulThat"s the only thing I really knowYou packed you things in a garbage bagleft & never looking backrings on your fingers oaint on your toesmusic wherever you goyou don"t fit in small town worldbut I feel you are the girl for merings on your fingerspaint on your toesyou"re leaving town where nobody knowsYou can win if you wantif you want it you will winon your way you will seethat life is more than fantasytake my hands follow meon you"ve got a brand new friend for your lifeyou can win if you wantif you want it, you will winoh come on take chancefor a brand new wild romancetake my hand for the nightand your feelings will be righthold me can win if you wantif you want it you will winoh come take a chance for brand new wild romancetake my hand for the nightand your feelings will be righthold me tight...Dear, love is a burning fireStay, cause then the flames grow higherBabe, don"t let him steel your heartIt"s easy, it"s easyGirl, this trò chơi can"t last foreverWhy ? Why can not live togetherTry, don"t let him take your love from meYou"re not good, can"t you see brother Louie, Louie, LouieI"m in love phối you freeOh, she"s only looking lớn meOnly love breaks her heart brother Louie, Louie, LouieOnly love"s paradiseOh, she"s only looking to meBrother Louie, Louie, LouieOh, she"s only looking to meOh, let it LouieShe"s undercoverBrother Louie, Louie, LouieOh, doing what he"s doing.So, leave it LouieCause I"m a loverOh I cannot explainEvery time it"s the sameOh I feel that it"s realTake my heartI"ve been lonely too longOh I can"t be so strongTake a chance for romanceTake my heartI need you soThere"s no timeI"ll ever goCheri Cheri LadyGoin" through emotionLove is where you find itListen khổng lồ your heartCheri Cheri LadyLivin" in devotionAlways lượt thích the first timeLet me take a partCheri Cheri LadyLike there"s no tomorrowTake my heart don"t thảm bại itListen to your heartCheri Cheri LadyTo know you is to love youIf you hotline me babyI"ll be always yours

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