Fair condition devices will show heavy signs of wear may include scratches, scuffs, screen delamination, dings, or dents that will be visible from more than an arm’s length distance.

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Good condition devices will show an average amount of wear include scratches, scuffs, dings, or light screen wear that will be visible within an arm’s length distance.

Great condition devices will show light signs of wear including scratches, scuffs, or small dings. Wear will be minimal but may be visible from an arm’s length distance.

Excellent condition devices may show very small signs of wear. Wear will be minimal with small blemishes visible at an arm"s length distance.



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 Macbook Pro 13" 2.7Ghz - 4.5GHz i7 16GB RAM 256GB MR9Q2LL/A BTO A1989



This táo macbook pro is part of the newest laptop macbook lineup, featuring Apple"s new cảm ứng Bar system. This sleek & powerful machine comes with the latest technology compacted into a beautiful aluminum shell, topped off with Apple"s famous Space Grey finish.

This apple macbook phiên bản pro has been thoroughly inspected and tested by our team of trained technicians và is in fully functioning condition with light signs of wear.

This 2018 Macbook Pro 13" features an Eighth-generation 2.7Ghz Quad-Core i7 processor with turbo-boost lớn 4.1Ghz when needed. The 64-bit "Seventh Generation" intel Mobile chip core i7 "Kaby Lake" (I7-8559U) processor includes four independent processor "cores" on a single silicon chip. Each chip core has a dedicated 256k cấp độ 2 cache, shares 8 MB of level 3 cache, & has an integrated memory controller (dual channel).

The maximum Memory RAM capacity of 16GB RAM, which allows the user khổng lồ multitask with ease. & a super-fast 256GB SSD for smooth & easy access lớn all of your files & enough space lớn last you for years!

This apple macbook phiên bản pro also comes with an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 graphics processor that shares memory with the system.



13" Retina display, (2880 x 1800) LED-backlit widescreen with integrated FaceTime HD webcam