An iconic tinted balm that"s as luxurious as it is practical, the Dior Lip Glow family is expanding this spring with the addition of seven shimmery shades called the Dior Lip Glow to lớn the Max màu sắc Reviver Balm ($42 CAD for 3.5 g). With one tube sold every three seconds around the world, the balms offer long-lasting màu sắc and hydration. Now, with more color options than ever, your lips should never go bare! I"ve got detailed đánh giá and swatches to cốt truyện with you. To read on, click......

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Dior | Lip Glow to lớn the Max màu sắc Reviver Balm
The Dior Lip Glow to the Max màu sắc Revier Balms are housed in the same classic packaging as that of the original Lip Glows (reviewed here, here, & here). The silver case is sleek and reflective while the translucent pink cap gives just a peek to the color inside. Each Lip Glow khổng lồ the Max has a swirly bullet consisting of a base màu sắc (identical in formulation to that of the original corresponding shades) & a tinted pearly color.
Dior | Lip Glow to the Max color Reviver Balm
Made with nourishing mango butter, the Lip Glow lớn the Max is a tinted lip balm that adjusts lớn the lip"s pH level. The formulation is comfortable, slick, hydrating, just like the original Lip Glows. The only difference in formulation with the Lip Glow khổng lồ the Max is the addition of the "butterfly pearls" that give each shade a shimmery finish. The cấp độ of shimmer varies a bit among the different shades but if you are someone who prefers a natural sheen with no hint of frost, these may not be your cup of tea. Right now, I"m kind of on the fence about these. On one hand, I think the shimmery finish is very pretty and youthful but on the other, I"m not sure how wearable they are, especially for work. Additionally, because I"m not in my early 20s anymore, I feel like I"m just a bit old to lớn be rocking such bright and shimmery pink. These may be appropriate come spring và summer but right now with the freezing cold & snow, the shimmers feel a bit much.
Dior | Lip Glow to the Max màu sắc Reviver Balm
With that said, in terms of performance,the Lip Glow khổng lồ the Max is just as good as the originals. The balmy texture does wear off within a few hours (or with light eating and drinking) but a light pink stain does remain & things never look patchy or uneven. Dior has released a total of seven shades. I received a duplicate of one instead of "212 Rosewood" so I have swatched below only six of the seven. The colors are similar to each other but I have provided some information below lớn help you decide which one lớn get.201 Pink:This is a light baby pink shimmer with almost a milky tint. Believe it or not, I"ve actually never tried the original Lip Glow in "001 Pink Glow" so I"m not sure how this compares. However, "201 Pink" is definitely the most subdued shade out of the six that may wash out some complexions due to lớn its pale milky quality.
Dior | Lip Glow to the Max in "201 Pink"
204 Coral: The only one infused with subtle gold pearlescent shimmers, Coral is a soft popsicle peach that actually tints the lips pink. This one is very close to the original Lip Glow in "004 Coral Glow", with the exception of the added shimmers.

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Dior | Lip Glow lớn the Max in "204 Coral"
206 Berry: The original Lip Glow in "006 Berry" is my holy grail lip product (I"ve finished one whole tube and am halfway through the second). Unfortunately, "206 Berry" is quite different. With icy oải hương shimmers, the light pink shade is far from the rich berry pink that I expected. It"s still a very gorgeous shade but it"s just not very "berry".
Dior | Lip Glow khổng lồ the Max in "206 Berry"
207 Raspberry: Infused with pretty pink shimmers, this is a bright pink balm. The shimmers here appear slightly less intense as compared to the other shades so it"s great for those that want a little shine but not a whole lot of frost.
Dior | Lip Glow to the Max in "207 Raspberry"
209 Holo Purple: Consisting of icy pink & lavender shimmers, Holo Purple is a light pink with a strong lavender sheen.
Dior | Lip Glow to the Max in "209 Holo Purple"
210 Holo Pink: With a stronger, iridescent sparkle, "210 Holo Pink" comes off as a slightly warmer pink as compared to "206 Berry" and "209 Holo Purple". It is essentially a more shimmery version of "207 Raspberry".
Dior | Lip Glow lớn the Max in "210 Holo Pink"
011 Holographic Rose Gold: Not actually part of the Lip Glow to lớn the Max range, "011 Holographic Rose Gold" is a new shade addition khổng lồ the classic Lip Glow family. Packed with iridescent gold & pink sparkles, the warm pink gives the lips such a dazzling, non-gritty finish. I"m not big on shimmery or sparkly lips but this is just gorgeous!
Dior | Lip Glow in "011 Holo Rose Gold"
Below is a collage of the six Dior Lip Glow to lớn the Max shades for comparison. As you can see, the colors are quite similar khổng lồ each other so you don"t need every single shade. My personal picks are "204 Coral" and "207 Raspberry". The "011 Holographic Rose Gold" is a must-have as well, in my opinion, even if you don"t love sparkles in your tinted balm. Which shade is your favorite? Are you planning on picking any of these up? cốt truyện with me in the comments below!
Dior | Lip Glow to lớn the Max color Reviver Balm
Dior Lip Glow vs. Givenchy Le Rouge/Rose Perfecto:
As I"ve recently reviewed the Givenchy Le Rose Perfectos, the new, more pigmented version of the popular Le Rouge Perfecto, a few people have asked me what the difference are between them và the Dior Lip Glows. So to lớn help out anyone else who may be curious, here"s the lowdown. All three ranges are hydrating tinted lip balms. The Dior Lip Glows và the Le Rouge Perfecto stain the lips pink while the Le Rose Perfectos bởi not. The Dior formulation provides a more intense stain & feels slightly more emollient and nourishing while the Givenchy formulation is lighter & slicker. My personal preference is the Dior Lip Glows, both for the stronger, longer lasting stain & the thicker, more cushioning wear.Availability:Dior is available atDior,Sephora, Hudson"s Bay, select Shoppers Drug Mart,beautyboutique.ca, Holt Renfrew, andNordstrom.
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